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21 Apr

April 18.- May 8.

Every designer have:

1 item NEW regular price
1 item only made for fair LIMITED 100x will not be for sale anymore after
1 item for FREEEEE

Organizer: Joice Dreamscape, Diva Umia

Location made by Lynaja Bade


Joice Dreamscape


My ShoppingBag

14 Feb

all items 77-99 L$

check out the Pictures here BLOG


14 Feb

 February 14.-   March 13.    

Items 44-99 L$


My ShoppingBag week 1

31 Jan
11 Designers created nice items for you for only 99 L$
 visit the BLOG to see the items



9 Jan


Cool Location with many great items from german Designers and guests is waiting for you !!!
All items are only 44-99 l$
January 10.-30.

Chic Boutique Session 2

7 Jan

‘Chic Boutique’ is the NEW discounted shop displaying the newest styles and designs from some of the best creators, fill your entire wardrobe all for ’40-90 L$’ per item.We change the collection each 2 weeks.




12 Dec


December 13.- 26.

All this items are only 10 L$ !!  You only need to find them in the regular sortiment-have fun 🙂


Womens Dreamy Bodyshop



*The Seer*

stupid things

Baracuda Clothing

*Intimate You*

Viviane fashion


Fashion Point

>>> moloko <<<


B.D. Style

K2K Headquarter



Vincenca Rosca finest Jewellery

SLC Mainstore


green shirt

SLC Mainstore

Sole Asylum

red Plaid only

zebra Boots only

Womens Dreamy Bodyshop Fashion Fashion

Theme Market

9 Dec

This is an event where a group of stores make an item or items, themed item(s). Which I’ll give the theme for the month at the begining of each month. None of the items will be put out over 100L, I wanted this to be like a SL Flea Market, everything cheap and at one place.
  The reason I wanted to start the theme market, yes there’s alot of other weekly/monthly groups but most of them are invite only, which sucks for alot of stores. There’s alot out there who make really good stuff but aren’t invited and or allowed into these groups but want to be. And there’s many new stores that need help getting known and this is a way for this to happen.

Starting date: Jan 9th
Deadline: None, I’ll always be accepting stores
Contact: rockstarroo GossipGirl


[SE*Designz] rings the Christmas Bells

9 Dec


the Christmas Time has started and I wanted to reward you, my loyal customers.
Thats why I put a Calender at the Entrance of my Shop. Every day there will be a new Vendor visible, from December 1st until the 24th. These are special Items, Designs from previous Collections in mostly Christmas Colors or with special Prints. The prices are reduced compared to the current Collections.

So take a look and be curious about the upcoming Calender “Doors”.

Dont miss it!

xoxo Stella Eaton


☆ The Christmas Magic from Pixelfashion ☆

6 Dec

A sim completely dedicated to Christmas with thousands of prims and hundreds of hours of work for your unique pleasure.

upon arrival, five original and funny ways to access the shop :

– “the sledge”  ,     the classic conveyance at Christmas time.
– “Santa’s reindeer sleigh” ,     Fly Santa Claus ship and discover the sim.
– “Snowbike” ,     down the snow ramp and challenge your friends at full speed
– “the parachute”    a little fast and impressive free-fall and a soft landing
– “the Fast and Nolag TP”   still experimental, this is the fastest way to access the shop

Once on the ground you can find the shop where Santa Claus is waiting for the traditional photo, and a new exclusive article Pixelfashion every 3 days.
Our distributor of free  ice skates for lovely walks on the sim, and the Magic Circus, which hosts the Christmas market.

I thank you so much for your visit and invite you to join the group to receive your Christmas gift at Dec. 25

see the movie on the web :  http://vimeo.com/17263829

and now come to the sim and enjoy :


Merry Christmas 🙂
 Amandine Arai