☆ The Christmas Magic from Pixelfashion ☆

6 Dec

A sim completely dedicated to Christmas with thousands of prims and hundreds of hours of work for your unique pleasure.

upon arrival, five original and funny ways to access the shop :

– “the sledge”  ,     the classic conveyance at Christmas time.
– “Santa’s reindeer sleigh” ,     Fly Santa Claus ship and discover the sim.
– “Snowbike” ,     down the snow ramp and challenge your friends at full speed
– “the parachute”    a little fast and impressive free-fall and a soft landing
– “the Fast and Nolag TP”   still experimental, this is the fastest way to access the shop

Once on the ground you can find the shop where Santa Claus is waiting for the traditional photo, and a new exclusive article Pixelfashion every 3 days.
Our distributor of free  ice skates for lovely walks on the sim, and the Magic Circus, which hosts the Christmas market.

I thank you so much for your visit and invite you to join the group to receive your Christmas gift at Dec. 25

see the movie on the web :  http://vimeo.com/17263829

and now come to the sim and enjoy :


Merry Christmas 🙂
 Amandine Arai


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